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Both the interest in and implementation of web-based research has increased exponentially over the past few years. Web-based research has many benefits that often make it the preferred methodology. We have conducted numerous web-based research studies with a wide variety of respondent types.

TechWise Research conducts thousands of web surveys a year.TechWise Research conducts thousands of web surveys a year. One key success factor in web-based research is choosing the right software package to program the survey. Having a well-designed survey is critical since it is the only interface between respondents and the study. Many programming packages have been introduced to meet the explosive growth of web-based research. However, these software packages vary widely in their features and capabilities. We evaluated a number of these software packages and found many to be basic in their capabilities. They lacked the features and functionality we believe are necessary to support complex survey designs while ensuring high data quality and maximizing response rates.

After careful evaluation, TechWise Research embarked on a 12-month development project to create its own web survey software. The result is SurveyWise®, a robust web survey software package that enables us to develop and host online surveys that best meet our clients' needs. SurveyWise has been used to conduct tens of thousands of web surveys in dozens of countries and multiple languages over the past five years. We are continually enhancing it with new features based on our years of experience.

Key Benefits of SurveyWise Web Survey Software

  • Security - unique pass codes and links for respondents
  • Quota and sample management
  • Answer validation and verification
  • Complex skip patterns and branching
  • Question rotation and randomization
  • Combination recruits via web and telephone
  • Multimedia support
  • Multilingual support

The TechWise Research Team has designed and implemented numerous web surveys for our clients. If you would like to learn how we could do the same for you, please contact us.

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