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Concept Testing

Taking a concept from the drawing board into the marketplace is risky and costly. This is why concept testing, whether for a product, service, or ad, is a classic application for market research. Having sound, reliable feedback on how the market will react to a concept is invaluable.

There are many ways to test a concept. Some approaches involve qualitative research while others involve quantitative research. Today, thanks to the internet, it is possible to combine both approaches in a single study. A number of factors influence which technique(s) are best suited to test a particular product or service concept. These include:

  • How "developed" is the concept? Is it in the early ideation stage or has it progressed to the point where features and benefits are being finalized?
  • What is the state of the market? Is this an evolutionary idea that will require significant customer education?
  • What is the competitive situation? Are there any competitors or is this a new product category?
Concept testing from TechWise provides valuable feedback on how customers will react to new products.
No single approach works best for every concept. In some cases, the best approach may be a conjoint study. In other cases the concept can be tested on its own (monadic) or by comparison with another product (paired comparison). TechWise has developed its own technique for testing ad concepts, called AdWise. For product or service concepts, TechWise Research has a wide variety of analytical and methodological tools that can deliver the actionable data needed to develop new product concepts or reconfigure existing ones.

If you are interested in learning more about a concept test study, or to request a quote, contact us.

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Concept Testing
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