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AdWise Ad Testing

AdWise Ad Testing studies help identify which ad concept is most effective.TechWise Research developed its proprietary AdWise® ad testing service to give companies and ad agencies a cost and time-effective option to independently test ad concepts before they are deployed. AdWise is a robust solution that can test radio ads, print ads, TV ads and online ads. It delivers both quantitative and qualitative feedback on your ad concepts. AdWise can be used for both consumer and B2B ad testing and it can be designed to focus on your ad’s target market.

Questions Answered in an AdWise Ad Testing Study:

  • What do customers take away from each ad after their first exposure?
  • What do customers like and dislike about each ad?
  • How effective will each ad be in influencing buying behavior?
  • Which of the three ad concepts do customer like—and why?

Benefits of AdWise Ad Testing:

  • AdWise studies are cost-effective. Many studies will cost less than a small focus group project.
  • AdWise studies can be completed very quickly, with most requiring only 7 to 10 days.
  • AdWise studies are secure. TechWise utilizes the latest technology to ensure respondents cannot copy your ad concepts from the survey.
  • AdWise is an insurance policy on your advertising expenditures. It provides independent feedback on your ad concepts' effectiveness.

If you are interested in learning more about AdWise, or to request a quote on a project, contact us.

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AdWise Ad Testing
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