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Two New Total Cost of Upgrade (TCU) Papers Now Available

TechWise Research published two new Total Cost of Upgrade (TCU) papers this month for companies that run HP-UX on HP 9000 or older HP Integrity servers. The first paper focuses on single server upgrades and is entitled Quantifying the Total Cost of Upgrading older HP-UX 11i Environments to HP's New BL8x0c i2 Server Blades. The second paper focuses on server consolidations and is entitled Quantifying the Benefits of Consolidating Older HP-UX Environments. Both papers provide detailed quantitative analyses of costs and benefits associated with upgrading / consolidating out-of-warranty HP 9000 or older HP Integrity servers to HP-UX 11i v3 on new Integrity i2 server blades. For the first time the TCU analyses include discounted cash flow analysis (Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return). Team TechWise members can download free copies of these and other papers in our Member Resources section.

posted @ Tuesday, November 30, 2010 by Chip Levinson


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