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Introducing SatisWise - an Award to Recognize Customer-Centric Companies

SatisWise awards recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to putting the customer first.The basic principle of "putting the customer first" is taught in most "Marketing 101" classes. Unfortunately, not all companies follow this simple obvious principle that is based on common sense. In an effort to change this, TechWise Research is introducing the SatisWise award. SatisWise will recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to putting the customer first. "It is my hope that the stories of future SatisWise winners will inspire other companies to become more customer-centric," said Chip Levinson, president of TechWise Research.

Providing excellent technical support, although important, is not the sole criteria for winning a SatisWise award. How companies treat their customers before there is a problem will be key criteria in selecting companies to recognize. The foundation of any customer-centric company is to provide a product or service that customers desire. Using market research to understand unmet needs, then designing a product or service that fills these needs, is essential. In addition to offering an excellent product or service, SatisWise winners must also "put the customer first" in all phases of the Total Customer Experience. This includes pre-sales support, installation, training, and ongoing management and maintenance.

posted @ Tuesday, December 29, 2009 by Chip Levinson


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