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TechWise Research Announces New Ad Testing Service

Significant expenditures of time and money goes into the development, placement and testing of ads and bad decisions can certainly multiply these costs. "We were surprised to learn the amount of heartache our clients were experiencing to test their ad concepts," says Chip Levinson. So, in response, TechWise Research, in conjunction with a professional who formerly worked in Wirthlin’s advertising research group, designed AdWise, a technique to test ads in a time and cost-effective manner. TechWise Research's AdWise testing service provides independent quantitative and qualitative feedback on ad concepts that helps marketing professionals maximize the return on their advertising. TechWise Research recently secured a trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Organization for its AdWise ad testing service. "Needless to say, our clients are very grateful for this new offering," says Chip.

posted @ Saturday, October 3, 2009 by Chip Levinson


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